MULTI CURRENCY Payments for QuickBooks


How it works. International Money Transfer Service

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multi currency invoices into your QuickBooks account package

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Login to and view your unpaid multi currency invoices.

Once you have your QuickBooks account open, this will synch to your account and present all multi currency invoices due to be paid.

Select each invoice that you wish to pay. You can also adjust the amount due to be paid so that you can part pay invoices.

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Live Exchange Rates

View Live Exchange Rates. Once you are happy to book,simply select and confirm payment.

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confirmation that your vendors bills have been paid.

Not only that but payments are automatically posted into QuickBooks against the bills saving you having to rekey payment data back yourself.

ACH/ Direct Debit

If you are set up on ACH/DD payment will be taken automatically. Once cleared, it will be transferred to your vendors.

Wire Transfer

If you are not set up on ACH/DD you will receive instructions by email and on screen showing you a local bank account to transfer funds to. Again once cleared, we will transfer same day to your vendors.